Cottage Grove veterinary care!

For more than 40 years Deer Grove Veterinary Clinics have been practicing veterinary medicine in the Cottage Grove area, treating pets from Deerfield, Cottage Grove, Madison, Sun Prairie, Monona, McFarland and the surrounding area. We’ve been part of this community for so long that some of our clients came in during their childhood when their parents were clients. We know that there are more veterinary clinics in the area now than there were 40 years ago, so we’re thrilled that clients return year after year and generation after generation. It is this loyalty that we strive to nurture; not only loyalty from our clients but our sincere dedication to the lifetime health and wellness of your pets.

Our clients keep returning because we give great medical care to their pets at a reasonable cost, which means that they can give their pets appropriate care without excessive financial concerns. We also treat our clients and their pets with respect, courtesy and compassion.

Reasonable Cost – Our clients return because we provide great veterinary care at a reasonable cost.

Lasting Relationships – We create lasting relationships with our clients and their pets for a lifetime of veterinary care.

Complete Care – We go beyond annual exams and vaccines and provide your pet with complete care, no matter what ails them throughout their lifetime.

TTA Surgery – Dr. Frame and Dr. Pecore have a combined total of over 150 Tibial Tuberosity Advancement or TTA surgeries.

Dental Care – Dental care is very important to us which is why our entire staff has been trained by a Board Certified Veterinary Dental Specialist and we use cutting edge technology and procedures.

Anesthesia Monitoring – A Certified Veterinary Technician will monitor your pet the entire time it is under anesthesia.

Experience – More than 45 years of combined experience in veterinary care.

Central Location – Our location allows us to serve the veterinary needs of clients in Cottage Grove, Deerfield, Madison, Sun Prairie, Monona, McFarland and surrounding areas.

Geriatric Services – We love old pets, so we’ve created a geriatric wellness screening package designed to deal specifically with an older pet’s health needs and concerns.

Besides being comfortable with common medical problems, intravenous fluids and supportive care in companion animals, we are able provide more advanced procedures such as state of the art anesthesia and pain control, complex dentistry and extensive soft tissues and orthopedic surgery including cruciate repair with TTA. You can feel confident that your cat or dog will always be well cared for and treated with the best medicine possible at the Deer-Grove Veterinary Clinic.

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