We are devoted to your pet’s well being.

Deer Grove Veterinary Clinics began serving the Cottage Grove, Deerfield and greater Madison, Wisconsin area more than 40 years ago.

Our first office was established in 1968 in Deerfield, Wisconsin. In 1987, just shy of 20 years at the original location, we realized we had grown so much that an additional office in Cottage Grove was necessary. In 1995 we moved to our current location on Southing Grange in Cottage Grove and have been thrilled to call this office home for 20+ years.

With our long history in the region we’ve become more than just a business operating in the area; we are a part of the community, establishing lifelong relationships as we go. We put our clients and their pet’s needs at the top of our priority list and dedicate our professional careers to bringing them the best veterinary treatment possible with cutting edge technology and a caring touch. Everyone who comes through our doors is treated with respect, courtesy and compassion; whether they come in on two legs or four.

While many veterinary clinics handle routine annual veterinary examinations and vaccines, we believe that a pet’s health encompasses so much more. This is the basis behind the success of our practice; we are there for the life of your pet, no matter what health concerns come their way.

Contact us if you’d like to schedule an appointment for your pet, whether you’re looking to establish routine care or if your pet needs a more in depth examination. We’re truly happy to help.